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Hospital CEO, Medical Group CEO, and Doctor of Psychology


Dr. Jeff Comer

Dr. Jeff Comer is a hospital CEO, medical practice CEO, and Doctor of Psychology. As a CEO, he has spent 20 years, leading hospitals and health care organizations of all sizes. He focuses much of his career on short-term turnarounds where he works to save hospitals from closure.

Seeing the stress in hospital CEO roles, Dr. Comer pursued his doctoral education in psychology with research interests in evolutionary psychoneuroimmunology and stress reactivity. He enjoys blending his background as a hospital CEO with his expertise in stress management, helping leaders to mitigate stress and burnout, leading to more fulfilled professional and personal lives.

Join me for the annual MGMA conference October 24-27 in San Diego where I will be the keynote speaker, discussing Burnout for Healthcare Leaders.


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This podcast was done with the Medical Group Management Association. It is a prelude to the MGMA annual conference in San Diego this October where I will be one of the kickoff keynote speakers. 

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Interested in hospital administration jobs? A hospital CEO is, of course, the highest administration position within a hospital. So naturally, when considering a hospital admin career path, becoming a hospital CEO may seem like a good goal. But what does a hospital CEO do exactly? Dr. Jeff Comer, hospital CEO of 20 years with a doctorate in psychology, breaks down the primary job responsibilities of a hospital CEO to help you decide if becoming a hospital executive is a good fit for you.

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