Treatments for Veterans with PTSD

Abstract from Jeff Comer’s Doctoral Dissertation on Veterans with PTSD and effective treatments that are available but not widely used.

The Stress of Your First Hospital Administration Job

The stress of your first hospital administration job can be quite overwhelming. Perhaps you have recently been promoted to a hospital administration job or this could be your first management or leadership role, but not matter what, you will certainly feel stressed. Join Jeff Comer, Hospital CEO and Stress Management for High Performers, as he […]

Healthcare Administration Interview Tips

There are certain things to keep in mind when approaching a healthcare administration interview that can help reduce stress for hospital managers looking to advance their healthcare career. Jeff Comer, hospital CEO and stress management expert through a doctoral emphasis in psychological stress for high performers, explains how to put yourself and your interviewers more […]

The Stress of Unpopular Decisions as a Healthcare Administrator

If you’ve ever dealt with the stress of unpopular decisions as a healthcare administrator, you know firsthand how much of a toll it can take on you as a leader. What goes into the healthcare executive decision making process actually stems from a complicated psychological framework. Join Jeff Comer, Hospital CEO, as he helps you […]

How to Get Over Public Speaking as a Hospital Administrator

How to Get Over Public Speaking as a Hospital Administrator From a psychological standpoint it may be hard to believe, but many research articles have reported that speaking in front of people is more stressful than death! And from my perspective, I used to agree. When I first started this career as a hospital CEO, […]

How to Deal with Stress as a Hospital Administrator

How to Deal with Stress as a Hospital Administrator  Leading hospitals is challenging and stressful, and it takes a significant toll on the personal side as well. As a hospital CEO of over 20 years, I certainly understand the impact. But hospital administration, at any level in a hospital, is a tremendously important role. The […]