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Jeff Comer Hospital CEO

In this video I discuss the frequently asked question I get about how to become a hospital CEO. The path to becoming a hospital CEO or hospital administrator is a long, challenging one; however, it is a tremendously rewarding career. I discuss what degree you need to become a hospital CEO and what qualifications hospital CEO’s have. I cover four categories that a prospective CEO must demonstrate, which include education, experience, mindset, and setting. The content is valuable to early careerists or seasoned veterans, wanting to pursue the hospital CEO path.

Interested in hospital administration jobs? A hospital CEO is, of course, the highest administration position within a hospital. So naturally, when considering a hospital admin career path, becoming a hospital CEO may seem like a good goal. But what does a hospital CEO do exactly? Dr. Jeff Comer, hospital CEO of 20 years with a doctorate in psychology, breaks down the primary job responsibilities of a hospital CEO to help you decide if becoming a hospital executive is a good fit for you.

In this intro video, Dr. Jeff Comer, Hospital CEO, shares a brief introduction to his personal, education, and professional background as a hospital CEO and stress management for high performers expert.

Dealing with stress as a hospital administrator presents a unique challenge and can often feel impossible. Learn how to deal with stress as a hospital administrator from Dr. Jeff Comer, hospital CEO and expert on stress management for high performers.

Hospital CEO stress management is hardly addressed in healthcare administration graduate programs, and yet is one of the most significant indicators of personal and professional success as a hospital CEO. Whether you’re a hospital ceo or a healthcare management executive (or hoping to become one!), Dr. Jeff Comer guides you through stress management practices that not only are backed by scientific research, but more importantly have been put through the rigorous “real world” test of his 20-year career (and counting) as a hospital administrator.

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There are certain things to keep in mind when approaching a healthcare administration interview that can help reduce stress for hospital managers looking to advance their healthcare career. Dr. Jeff Comer, hospital CEO and stress management expert through a doctoral emphasis in psychological stress for high performers, explains how to put yourself and your interviewers more at ease when interviewing for a healthcare administrator or other hospital executive position.

This was a fun little video Jeff did for his wife’s website at wellthyboss.com.  Description from the wellthyboss website:

How different are men’s and women’s brains? Stress reactivity initially looks very similar between men’s and women’s brains–until the hormonal pathways kick in and send men and women into very different (and often opposing) methods of coping with stress. Understand why men and women respond to stress differently in this chat with my husband, Jeff Comer, who is a Doctor of Psychology.

Whether you’re a hospital CEO or in another healthcare administration role, learning how to get over public speaking as a hospital administrator is critical to your professional growth. Public speaking is not a skill most people are born with, and if you find public speaking stressful as a hospital administrator, you’re not alone! The fear of public speaking is actually rooted in evolutionary psychology. Understand what’s happening from a physiological and psychological standpoint when you experience fear of public speaking as a hospital administrator. Turn this fear into confidence with Dr. Jeff Comer, hospital CEO with a doctoral education in the psychology of chronic stress management for high performers.

If you’ve ever dealt with the stress of unpopular decisions as a healthcare administrator, you know firsthand how much of a toll it can take on you as a leader. What goes into the healthcare executive decision making process actually stems from a complicated psychological framework. Join Dr. Jeff Comer, hospital CEO and stress management for high performers expert, as he helps you to understand the psychological component of hospital administrator stress management, so you can then make more effective decisions and constructively respond to negative feedback.

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The stress of your first hospital administration job can be quite overwhelming. Perhaps you have recently been promoted to a hospital administration job or this could be your first management or leadership role, but not matter what, you will certainly feel stressed. Join Dr. Jeff Comer, hospital CEO and stress management for high performers expert, to learn why you are stressed about your new job and how to deal with it, so you can start your new health care management or leadership job off right.